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At NCFIT Sackville all our programs deliver an extremely effective workout by incorporating functional movements. The duration, loading, volume, degree of variance, and level of complexity differs from individual to individual. No matter which offering a member chooses to experience they know the class will be expertly coached, true to our overall mission in fitness, and adjusted to fit their specific need or ability. The programming prepares you for the demands of a healthy, functional, independent life and helps fight against chronic disease and incapacity.

NCFIT Sackville's objectives are to provide high quality coaching and to provide a service like no other in our area. We wish to promote a sense of community for like minded individuals who want to live healthier lives, free of injury & illness and who want to maintain a healthy mind.

At NCFIT Sackville we value respect, support, accountability and we are committed to our customers.

No intimidation, just results!



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